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Carpet is as functional as it is pretty

There’s a good reason why carpet flooring is such a popular choice, what with all of the latest colors, styles, patterns, and designs. A rug fits in with any decor, from traditional to contemporary and even quirky and fun, such as today’s Shags.

What you may not realize, however, is just how hardworking this material really is.

The Floor Source & More lives by these words: “Customers will long remember poor service” so we’re your go-to for carpet, flooring, and home improvement needs. We have 40 years of experience and boast an impressive inventory of carpet, hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl, waterproof flooring, tile, vinyl, glass mosaics, and cork. We also provide services, such as kitchen and bath remodeling, countertop installation, hardwood refinishing, and more.

Our showroom is in Southlake, TX and we service Southlake, Trophy Club, Keller, North Richland Hills, and Colleyville.
Luxury carpet in Southlake, TX from The Floor Source & More

Benefits of carpet

  1. Good for health. We’re always astounded by people who walk into our showroom wishing for a soft surface “but I can’t because I have allergies and/or asthma.” Yes, you can! Pollutants and undesirable particles get trapped into the fibers, where they will stay until the rug is professionally deep-cleaned. Vacuuming just gets the surface dirt, but a high-powered machine used by professionals, scrubs into the fiber.
  2. It insulates against noise. That cushioning is a lot more than just a soft place on which to stand. It absorbs noise, so you won’t hear the tapping of footsteps, muffled phone conversations or the beeping of electronic devices.
  3. Shock absorbent. Ever notice how, even when wearing flat shoes or sneakers, your lower back and even sometimes your legs and glutes can ache? That’s because every single step you take on some surfaces sends a jolt to your body. With this, the floor absorbs the shock, not your feet.
  4. Increases safety. It’s a lot less painful to fall on a soft surface than a hard one. In some cases, it might also prevent a fall, because carpet provides excellent traction so there’s no slipping.
  5. Can visually expand a room. If you have wall-to-wall, the entire room is covered with one big block. There are no seams to visually break up a room, hence, making it seem larger.
  6. Cost-effective.With such a large range of styles, fibers, construction, and price points, there’s literally something for every budget.
Keep in mind that all rugs aren’t the same, so what may work in one room may not necessarily work in another. You don’t need to install the same one in every room; as long as they coordinate, you’ll have a uniform look.