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Sometimes, only the best countertops will do

For all your countertop needs, it’s important to work with materials that best suit your requirements and preferences. Saving money is something everyone loves to do, but why save money if you’re only going to have to spend more in a short amount of time?

Choosing products that are a bit pricier, such as quartz countertops or granite countertops, might seem counterproductive. But once you see the lifespan and the list of benefits available to you, you're likely to be ready to take the plunge. It's well worth it to assure you have the materials that will stand up to what your family dishes out.

Which countertops are best for your home?

To find out exactly which countertops you need for your home, we'll take a look at some of the most popular materials. Quartz countertops are an ever-popular material, offer a nonporous surface that resists stains easily. It also resists the growth of bacteria or viruses, which is an essential characteristic in kitchen surfaces.

Granite is another popular choice that’s extremely hard and resistant to damage. You won’t even need a cutting board when you cut on this material because it simply won’t scratch under the pressure. It’s also very heat resistant and if properly sealed, completely waterproof as well.

For extensive selection in colors and versatility, you will want to consider laminate countertops. They’re much more affordable than stone counters, yet offers excellent durability, being completely nonporous. There’s also very little maintenance necessary to keep these counters maintained and looking their best. Soap and water make the best cleaner.

No matter which material you choose for your countertops, be sure to opt for professional installation. Each one requires a certain amount of expertise for the best possible outcome. And since these surfaces are so important, having a direct bearing on your family’s health, you won’t want to take any chances.

You’ve found your countertop provider in us

In Southlake, TX where our showroom is located, The Floor Source & More is a go-to retailer for quartz, granite, and laminate countertops. We make sure to find out exactly what you need in these important pieces and then start the process of matching you with your perfect material. When you're ready to get started searching for your pieces, be sure to visit or give us a call and we’ll put our knowledgeable staff to work for you.