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Must-know hardwood flooring information

Solid hardwood is one of the most sought after floor coverings on the market today for homeowners who are particular about their floors. With the many benefits it carries, its long lifespan and the available stain and finish options, it’s hard to choose anything else.

However, even once you’ve decided to go with wood floors, there’s still a lot more to think about.We’ll go over some of those now, and if you have further questions, be sure to stop by and speak to a flooring professional.

Solid or Engineered Hardwood

One of the first things you’re going to need to know is whether you want solid or engineered wood floors. Solid wood, as you might expect, is made of one solid piece, all the way through. This makes a great choice for just about any room in your home except for the basement, laundry room or bathroom. You could potentially place hardwood in your kitchen, but you’ll want to speak to a professional about the type of protection needed to make it work.

Engineered wood is made of a veneer layering, with the pieces running perpendicular to one another. The top piece is a real wood veneer that will be the species and color you choose, and can even be refinished a time or two. Because of the layering, engineered wood floors have quite a bit of stability and they can also be placed in the basement. Since it doesn’t expand and contract with changes in humidity and temperature, it’s a much better choice for that room.
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Hardwood Species

The species you choose will be dependant upon the style you prefer, your own personal preferences and your budget. Maple and ash are known to make rooms feel more open, while oak and hickory tend to warm things up with a coziness. Darker woods, such as mahogany and walnut give a stately, refined look to your home.

We’ll help you choose the perfect hardwood floor

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